How a Newbie Turned Herself Into a Wall Street Wizard
You'll Discover The following Secret Formula To Winning 97% of Your Trades That'll Summon a Surge of Daily Cash Inside Your Nadex Bank Account!!!

T.J. Johnson

Trading the market is my passion, I am a dedicated student of my craft, I pride myself on winning 90% of the trades I place on the Nadex exchange. Human error is the only reason I believe that will prevent anyone from achieving 100% winnings of their trades using my strategy and I will tell you how I came to this conclusion as you read the rest of this letter.  
Dear Daytrader

First of all, I am NOT a Financial Expert.

I do NOT have a "degree in stock market education on economics"....

I never attended any type of Professional Trading School...

I do NOT have any affiliates ready to promote for me...

and you're NOT going to see me speaking on stage!

I'm a regular person just like you. The only difference is I discovered an awesome way to make money trading currency pairs that requires very LITTLE work--yet is EXTREMELY lucrative. I trained solely one on one with my mentor/friend from his living room...

So If you're looking for rock-solid proof that REAL people (not just the "gurus") can make money with Nadex Trading using simple charting techniques, then sit back for the next 7 minutes and read every single word of this letter.

Because I am going to explain to you how I have been making a consistent $2000-$6000 dollars every single day trading currency pairs, with very little knowledge of stocks and charting experience and very little time to do it. 

All I did was follow my Mentors simple trading techniques and his charting system. I implemented what he taught me using the Nadex platform and I started to finally win most of my trades. I practiced for a long time and became good enough to Add My Own Style which allowed me to increase my winning percentage to an amazing 90%

First things first: I want to get something out of the way that almost all traders call the "70/30 winning ratio"

Some people who learn this technique will not do a thing with it. It's not that the material was too "hard" or that my technique was too difficult to learn -- they simply won't take action on what I will show you. As a result, these types of people will achieve little or no success. 

Keep in mind this is usual with a lot of people. In fact there was a study recently where only 10% of people are successful in anything they buy. The reason why is because that is the only 10% that would read past the first chapter of a book. We often buy stuff with the motivation to finish and with good intentions but rarely follow through. It's not just with Trading but with ANYTHING in life. 

So if you're going to subscribe to this coaching program and not take any action...or start and don't implement the simple techniques I am going to teach you, then you can generally expect to achieve the same results as the majority of people who take no action -- little or no success and potentially spending more than you earn. 

I am only looking to work with serious individuals, who have the desire to be the best trader they can be, the one's that are dedicated and have made sacrifices to try to get this down pact enough in order to change their financial situation and live a better and fulfilled lifestyle. 

If that's not the case, Then my "Trade Queen Pro" trading course, may not be for you.

But if you are an "action taker" and are prepared to put in the time, effort, commitment and investment that I did in order to learn this information, then my Trading Course will help you achieve the same type of exceptional results as me -- a hard working mother of two -- with hardly ANY trading experience who was able to make over $40,000 in one month using my 'Simple Trading Technique'. 

I'll tell you more about how I did it in a second. But for now... Let me tell you: 

The Story of How I Went From A "Clueless Newbie" To Making REAL Money Trading Nadex!
First of all, I never thought I would be at this point in my life a year ago...before going to bed at night, placing my trades than 8 hours later waking up to thousands of dollars being added to my Nadex account... all by just spending 5 mins placing a 'Single Trade' or a 'Spread'......Amazing! 

Well thanks to my Simple Trading Technique this is my reality!

{A Few Snapshots of my Daily Wins}
Here's what happened: A year ago I was sitting by my computer looking at my charts thinking to myself, there has to be a way to become better at trading vs sitting here gambling as if I was putting dollar bills inside of a slot machine hoping and praying that I win today.

Deep down inside I knew it had to be a way to have a predictable and consistent way to win almost all the trades I place on Nadex. What makes it even more dramatic is that I was only trading currency pairs, so I didn't have to bother with studying companies and their Fiscal year reports and all that wonderful information :) 

So like many of you, I decided to look online for ways to have better winning percentages. But, as I'm sure you've seen, there is a lot of garbage out there. 

I started to research a lot of information about bollinger bands, resistance & support lines, and the MACD. Most importantly I learned how to read candlesticks and what they represent and why the market sometimes go up {Bull} and other times go down {Bear}. I was learning many things about trading almost to the point it felt like information overload.

However I did come across some solid courses but mainly all the courses out there that I came across was teaching either Penny stocks or Investment stocks and most of the time would have to wait days before winning a trade. This was not my ideal trading lifestyle. 

Until one day it all changed....

I sat down at my computer and I opened up my facebook and I saw an old friend of mine that initially introduced me to the Binary Options Trading Niche. What surprised me the most is that he had made a video showing how he made $400,000 dollars from scratch inside of 6 months, only trading binary options on the Nadex Stock Exchange. I observed him having a conversation with someone on how he was going to be doing some one on one training sessions. 

When I saw that, it was like music to my ears, so I immediately sent him a message asking if he was open to train me personally one on one, and if so how much would it cost. He said sure Tamia I'll send you an invoice. When I received the invoice it came with a hefty price tag of a couple thousand dollars.

Now here is the moment we all have arrived in our lifetime, I sat and I stirred at this invoice for at least 20 mins. One part of me was saying what if this doesn't work, this is a lot of money to pay, I was feeling nervous a little scared all at the same time. 

The other part of me was feeling relentless, feeling like I am going to do whatever it takes to change my life, and if my mentor, who I saw go from nothing to making almost a Half Million Dollars in a half of year, than I know I have a really good chance of this working for me as well. 

So I paid the invoice, invited my closest business colleague to go along for the ride and we drove 4 hours through the snow to arrive at his gorgeous Million Dollar Condo overlooking the beautiful Hudson River and New York's Amazing Skyline.

(Actual Photo from the first night of training that changed my life...)

{smiling} When I arrived I knew I had made the right decision, I am so thankful that I was in a position to take a chance and not let this opportunity pass me by, I knew my life would never be the same again. 

I went inside to the front desk, his doorman called up to his room to announce that I was there, and then gave me directions on how to get to the top floor where my training would be held. 

When I tell you that the information I learned that day was truly...
"Break Through 'Information Overload', Lack of Time And Procrastination So You Can STOP 'Spinning Your Wheels' And START Creating A Cash-Churning 
Binary Options Trading Machine
Welcome To A Radical Underground... 

I spent 12 hours that day learning about MONEY. About making it differently. Quicker, easier, in bigger chunks than you're used to. About accumulating wealth more certainly, faster, and I learned it using a platform that has an Unlimited Supply of Funds that anyone can tap into anytime they want. 

If you are seriously, Highly motivated to enjoy optimum success, prosperity, and independence, you will find what you read from this point forward fascinating, and enjoyable. I will start by telling you of the core idea behind my 'Trade Queen Pro' Trading System.

My system is based on one simple technique using a combination of 'Three Trading Charts' simultaneously, that allows me to  predict exactly without a shadow of a doubt which way the market will trend 8 hours at a time.


NO ONE ELSE can take you inside the charting, strategies, behaviors and thinking of a Master Trader as I can. From EXPERIENCE. 

Furthermore, my strategy is unique based on the 'Trading Principles of Success' Actually amazing when put to use. Not just succeeding or just making enormous sums of money, but doing so ON YOUR TERMS.

The GOAL>>>

My goal is to give you a clear more definitive blueprint than you've ever seen or possessed before, for achieving whatever trading income projections you may have, while absolutely defying all normal, common, ordinary boundaries and restrictions - on speed, ease, and independence.

At the top of this letter I said 'Welcome to a Radical Underground'.

--There is a radical underground in the Binary Options Trading World. There are things we know and discuss sparingly and cautiously with one another, but rarely with outsiders - because what we know dramatically differs with what the overwhelming majority believe about trading the stock market.

Most traders I come across cannot fathom the thought of getting a $6000.00 return of investment on one trade without taking substantial risk, and doing it within an 8 hour expiration time.  

--And That's Just the Tip of The Iceberg... 

What I was taught that night gave me a solid foundation when it comes to trading. What surprised me the most is how fast and easy it was to not only get started but to take my first couple of trades and win without feeling like I was gambling the market anymore. 

It felt more like I hit the jackpot with this technique, I truly feel like I discovered the Holy Grail of Trading... and I can literally print money every day of my life if I choose to.

My Life Began to Change >>>>>>>

It was sort of like when you start a new Job or get promoted to a new position at work, you know how it takes you a couple of weeks to get the hang of things and then all of a sudden something clicks and your body goes on autopilot. 

Well that is the exact same experience I had when it came to learning what I was taught and then coming up with my own style of trading. I practiced for six months until I knew without a shadow of a doubt my technique was unique and certain to win 90 % of any trade that was taken during the times that the stock market was open.  

This is the feeling I had when I would place my 7am trades, I mean it was unreal I was winning every single trade. That winning percentage expanded from 7am trades, to 3pm trades to, 7pm trades, to 11pm trades and my winning percentage was steadily increasing 80% to 82% all the way up to now a predictable and consistent winning ratio of 90%.

However, I still needed more proof that I have truly defiled all common laws of trading the stock market

So I decided I wanted to start training people to use my technique, to see what their results would be and this is the results of their experience using my Simple Trading Techniques...

"See How My Most Dedicated Students have used My 'Trading Technique' to Explode Their Income and get on the Fast Track to Success in Record Time. Trade Queen Pro Helped these traders succeed and It Will Help You Too!!!

Arnita Cais

"Tamia Thanks For Showing Me How To Look at the Charts. YOU ARE AMAZING...

Lawrence Wheeler

"I Thought I Would Never Get it But After Working With Tamia She Really Broke Down Her Strategy and I Finally Been Winning! Thanks Tamia Johnson the Way You See The Charts Are SERIOUS!!!"

Angel Myers

"Here Are My Today's Results. I Decided to Follow Pursuit With Tamia Johnson and Try my Hand Out With Spreads. Even Though It's Demo What Can I Say Today Was a Good Day *** In My Ice Cube Voice***"

Arnita Cais

"Yes After Training with you I feel more comfortable and confident when I place trades. I have more clarity of viewing the charts and I can honestly say after our training session I had the proverbial "aha" moment..."
What I do and what I teach is not impossible, in fact my technique is built strictly on common sense and that is the number one reason why I believe it is so effective. 

From the Desk of: Tamia Johnson

I am often referred to as the Trade Queen and I am sure the LIMITED NUMBER of spaces for this training will go quickly, so if you want to profit from what I consider "The Day Traders Best Lesson" than read the rest of this page and claim your seat below before all the spots are gone. 

Here are a Few More Daily Wins of My Own:
I practiced through six months of trial and error until I perfected my technique and Now I am in a position to help traders like you avoid the many mistakes I've made 
My Trader Friends,

If you are here it is quite possible that you are a serious Day Trader who cannot figure out what you are doing wrong in order to experience total transformation of higher winning percentages in your trading career, However I can assure you that you have a sharp insight for great training materials that will ensure your success. you are on the right track, but first...  

What my Trade Queen Pro Product is about to reveal is unlike anything you've ever experienced or been told before.

What I do know, is that by you having an optimistic mindset and continuing to learn all that you can, you will soon experience the relief of not having to wonder why you have been struggling for so long on trading with unpredictable and inconsistent revenue gains.
The good news is that this is not your fault because you've never been taught this before. 

Now I am going to be very sincere with you for a moment, your mentors do not want you to know this information because then, that would mean, you would become more powerful than them and more efficient at trading than they are. You would not have to keep wasting money on the stuff that obviously does not work.

Inside Trade Queen Pro you will learn that this one in a lifetime training is to be used with immense caution. These Techniques have only been taught to the elite of the elite, it's the underground secret of the Trading universe. They are so powerful in fact, that when you learn them you will immediately start to experience Consistent and Predictable Results.  
Your eyes will be opened and you will be exposed to the truth inside this world of trading. You will know which way the market will trend and you will be able to pin point exactly where the market will be 8 hours at a time. 

I do this every single day and inside my Trade Queen Pro Training product you will look over my shoulders in amazement and watch me pump out win after win teaching you step by step as I go along. 

I will leave nothing on the table, I have created 4 training modules and over 12 videos teaching you step by step on how to become masterful in your trading career.

When you master implementing my "Simple Technique"  when taking your trades, no matter what expiry time frames you use, you will win 90% of all your trades forever. You will be able to use this skill inside any currency pair, on any platform, at any time you decide to trade. This technique will guide your decisions to take a bid or an offer turning your Nadex account into an "Cash Pumping" Machine. 

Furthermore I must warn you, because when you learn this technique you will have the ability to literally predict the market and win trades any time you want, but you must stay disciplined. If you abuse this power it could be VERY DANGEROUS! Therefore it is important that you remain ethical and that you only use this technique to become a better trader to live a better life and to experience the financial security you have always desired for yourself and your family.

You Will Be The Envy of Your Peers...

Your competitors will be astonished, looking on in amazement as they watch how you literally transform your trading career right before their eyes. You will win more trades, get higher profit margins and build your account effortlessly than you've ever done before. You will feel like a SUPERHERO! 


So if you want to be able to stop struggling and start winning more trades at the highest percentages than you've ever been able to before. If you want to be ten times better than your competitors so you can dominate your marketplace, then "Trade Queen Pro" will have you right on your way. 

Sign up below to claim your seat before they are all gone.
Dedicated To Increasing Your Profits, 

TJ Johnson

Now that I have your attention Read Below and I will explain to you how easy I've made it to get your hands on "Trade Queen Pro"

I'm giving you all of my secrets.... Use it wisely, and I'll see you on the inside :)

(Tamia ~ is a Caring Hard Working Mother of Two, Trade Queen Specialist with an awesome personality & an obsession for Winning Trades on the Nadex Stock Exchange that allows her to place trades in the market and Win 90% of the Time. She is allergic to the BS that has been plaguing this industry and vows to put a Stop to all Fluff and these Wishy Washy trading tactics that harms our industry as a whole. She is a true professional in her space who has a keen eye for reading trading charts, and she strives on teaching traders all across the globe on how to explode their Trading Careers)

"So Here's What's Included Inside"
TRADE Queen Pro

Four Complete Training Modules

First you'll get 4 Complete Training Modules Looking Over My Shoulders, consisting of Step-by-Step actionable videos showing you everything from A-Z when it comes to Trading the Nadex Market...

By having access to watch these Training Videos over and over again in the comfort of your own home, you can imprint your powerful subconscious mind with all of "My Trading Techniques" including many only known to a very small, elite group of Master Daytraders. 

Soon you'll find that you've "programmed" your "computer" (the one between your ears) with the same know-how that only the greatest Traders have. Kind of like mind cloning. 

One-Of-A-Kind Chart Setup

Second you'll get all of my chart settings: (1) I will show you how my chart settings will out perform 90% of the traders on the planet. 

You'll have access to how many days I set my charts too, the number of transactions I set my charts to calculate before each candlestick is formed.

You will get everything from what time I take my trades, the best type of trades to take and much much more...

I'm not leaving anything to chance, you will be well equipped to see how the multi-millionaires of this business take award winning trades on the market every single day. 

Most Importantly you will be one of them. You will be a fly on the wall as you watch me pump out win after win right before your eyes and turn pips into cash on demand.
"My Trade Queen Pro Trading Course Comes to You Considerably Less Than What I Had to Pay In Order To Learn How To Trade The Nadex Stock Exchange"

I've got a genuine bargain for you. When I was fortunate enough to get this information in person I paid no less than a Couple Thousand Dollars to attend a 12 Hour training session 1 year ago and it was a one shot stop. 

I didn't have any training videos to study, I didn't have the market up live and running because my session was on the weekend, and I didn't have the privilege to look over anyone shoulders as they take live trade after live trade showing me what to do and what not to do.

But as I mentioned earlier I am tired of all the BS we are being taught by the so called GURU's of the world. So I am practically going to give this information away to you.

So Let's Cut to the Chase and get to the Cost..

I am going allow you to have access to my entire course for only $1497.00

Yes you heard that correctly.

Your investment for My Trade-Queen-Pro Trading Course is just $1497.00

If you are SERIOUS about arming yourself with my strategy of having a 90% Winning Ratio Guaranteed any day you decide to take a trade, then you'll have to agree: the investment for this Once in a Lifetime training is a tiny price indeed when you actually experience winning trade after trade with CONSISTENT AND PREDICTABLE RESULTS! 

The bottom line is very simple here: do you SERIOUSLY want to become a modern day alchemist, able to turn Bids and Offers into floods of cash, over and over and over again, pretty much at will? to do it quickly efficiently, consistently and at your command?.......finding money in your Nadex account every day for the rest of your life? 

If so, you'll do just about anything NOT to miss this one-time(and I do mean it: one time) opportunity.

No one has my strategy and I MEAN NO ONE BUT I....

So, what are you waiting for? However before you consider You'll Love My...

Fast Action EXTRA BONUS ! Respond Immediately And You'll Also Receive  3 Bonus Videos Showing You How to Trade Using SPREADS...

Warning - This is a Fast Action Bonus - FREE to the first 50 fast action takers ONLY

This offer will be pulled the minute the 50th copy is sold! If you want to add this gem to the entire package above -- <click here now>. Don’t miss out!

You’re getting the precise, street-wise Spread Trading Strategies that have made fortunes for those who actually use them. Imagine what this same kind of timeless advice could mean to you.

I could easily charge $497.00 for this Spread Training package alone and it would be worth every penny. And I say that without the slightest hesitation.
So why am I giving away something so valuable? 

Well honestly... My friends think I’m crazy...

And when I told my business partner what I was doing, well... she just shook her head and walked away.

But I’m doing this for 2 reasons:
1. I’ve always tried to provide my customers with the best Trading tools and resources... and that certainly describes my giant Trade Queen Pro package.
2. I’m convinced without a shadow of a doubt that my training will CHANGE YOUR LIFE as it's changed mine. 

Once you watch these "No holds barred" Training Modules, I’m sure you’ll understand. Act now before it’s too late!
Don’t delay… or you could miss out forever!
This Is A 100% Online Digital Course
Once You Are Exposed To The Course Strategies & Materials There are Absolutely No Refunds

But...When you take action TODAY! I'll put up $500.00 of my OWN CASH That You can use right now towards the purchase of this Training

So..There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!
So You'll Get My Entire Trade Queen Pro Course for ONLY $997.00

Here’s how to Order
Email Tamia at: For Payment Options and Availability to Get Started RIGHT NOW. You can use your credit card— it’s fast, safe and 100% secure...

This is the most comprehensive resource for ADVANCED Trading Strategies & Techniques. It’s the single best resource available to teach you how to make huge sums of daily cash. If you care at all about making more money than ever before… and building an enviable, stress-free lifestyle that your Trading Career supports– let me hear from you right away!

Dedicated To Helping You Become The Best Trader You Can Be, 

Tamia Johnson

P.S. If you're getting all the success you want with Trading… and you’re living a stress-free and wealthy lifestyle most would envy, then I sincerely hope you've enjoyed reading this website and congratulations on your good fortune. You represent fewer than 1% of all business owners! A rare gem, indeed! But...

If you could use more income, better results, security no matter what the economy does… and most important… a better lifestyle with more stress-free time with your family, friends and doing the things YOU want to do… then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for! I am only doing this training at this offer  for a limited time only  SO ORDER TODAY!!!

P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $997.00, you're getting TJ's "Trade Queen Pro" Trading course - and the Chart Setup for taking trades that will enable you to Win 90% of the Trades you take on the Nadex Stock Exchange, Turning your account into floods of cash, over and over again, pretty much at will !!
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